It’s funny how life happens. From birth, there’s always those type of people who may have a strong impact/ influence your life. Through their life experiences, they’ll try to mold or shape you into what they think you should be. This doesn’t directly apply to me but I see it on a daily basis. We’re surrounded by people who wear many hats in our society based on their status, occupation or situation.


The one hat that I often see people neglect is their creativity. Now there are multiple reasons why this hat gets tucked away but ultimately, it’s due to fear. Fear of being judged by our influence, fear of not meeting expectations, and fear failure. I’ve created a theory that everyone on Earth is a creative whether they choose to admit/embrace it or not. Now we can all be creative in our own way but let’s not ignore something that makes us unique.

Being a creative means going against the grain of society and creating a lane of your own...Knowing that your thoughts can never be boxed in because you choose to think outside of it...What are limitations to a creative? Who cares to reach full potential when you know that your potential is limitless...Understand that failure brings you closer to success.. Continue to learn, grow, but most importantly... CREATE

The world is our canvas so we must paint it with our cReaTiVitY….