WATER, BUG-SPRAY, WAIVERS, & SHIRTS!! Those were key things that we needed for our adventure. Oh and POSITIVITY! It's the Fourth of July & it's our 2nd year hosting the CST Hiking Trip! Last year we had no idea if any one would even show up being that we came up with the idea a week prior. This year we started promoting a little earlier and still were unsure of the outcome. Only a few people confirmed and some backed out the night before but we still were very optimistic!


After arriving there a little before 8am, there was no one there besides most our team. Ten minutes later, cars began pulling into the lot left and right!! Over 50 people came out. Annastasia and Walt were getting people to fill out the waivers, Josh lead a stretch, Vaugn & Zack were taking footage, while Tal and Keith were conceding with everyone. After we introduced ourselves and the company, we began our hike!


 20 minutes into the hike, we separated the introverts and extroverts and made them partner up. We wanted people who did not know each other to connect while embracing a new experience. We found a beautiful waterfall and of course everyone wanted to take selfies and snapchat videos.


 As we continued our hike, we were looking for a lake. We starting going in different directions but eventually we started meeting people along the path who pointed us in the right direction. Walter was in the front of the people and I had the anchor. After hours of steep hills, surrounded by nature and great conversations, I hear people cheering. As I got closer to the top, I saw that we made it to the top of a mountain.


The view was incredible and everyone felt relieved. More selfies, more videos, but a handful of the crowd were exhausted. After we took our group picture, I read the CST Hiking Vow which states...


"I promise to suffer in silence.

To complain only when the job is done.

To only use words for motivation or to better understand those

whom I take this walk with.

To communicate my being through victory and not despair.

To grind not whine.

To except the challenge of the trail and to realize

that it was complete before it even began.

My mind is Powerful, Ferocious, Steadfast and Undaunted.

Even though I walk with many

I Walk Alone.

My comfort zone was there, but now I'm here.

I March forward"


We renewed everyone's enthusiasm and finished the hike STRONG!! We were excited about our outcome and that we could create this opportunity for everyone to CONNECT. The bug-spray wore off but the experience will live forever!